Design Process

The biggest challenge clients face in design and remodel is marrying material selection and budget. Most clients operate under a limited budget and turn to our team for support on how to achieve or tactfully select the non-negotiable aesthetic elements within their pre-negotiated timeframe and budget. Finding a compromise is no stress for our team; we’ve built an arsenal of resources and know exactly how to make decisions for optimal results.

Our design process is client-contingent. Most sessions begin by meeting up and taking a walk-through with lead designer and owner, Lisa Scannell, but virtual acquaintances are possible and welcome.

An initial meet-up is about more than noting the design details of your project. It’s a critical opportunity to get to know you; to get a feel for what aesthetic and energy you want in the new space.

Meeting also grants the opportunity to understand how you communicate and how involved you want to be in the project. Some clients want to be involved in every decision; others want to give Lisa a direction and catch up at the project’s end. We’re flexible and have worked well in both capacities (and all those in between) over the last three decades.

Based on feedback in our initial meeting, we will determine the scope of services needed; the right vendors, textiles, pace, and aesthetic energy for your desired design results. We’ll keep you looped in along the way or let you call the shots; this is your project and your home – we’ll work together to make sure you always feel at peace, productive, and confident that you are fulfilling your space’s potential.

If you have any questions about our design process, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team is your team.